GSA Product Summary By Vendor

Vendor GSA Contract #
Anchor Hocking Glass (website)
GSA Pending
BABCO Linens (Riegel) (website)
Quality Table Linens - Every Fabric & Color
GSA #GS07F9970H
BABCO International
Hospitality Supplies
GSA #GS07F9970H
Cookshack (website)
Smokers, BBQ Condiments & Accessories
GSA #GS07F9970H
Forbes Industries (website)
Foodsevice & Lodging Needs
GSA #GS07F9970H
Gasser Chair Company (Limited Territories) (website)
Dining Room chairs, Lounge chairs & Bar Stools
GSA #GS25F5275A
Gourmet Display (website)
Catering & Display products
GSA #GS07F9970H
Lancaster Colony (website)
In-room Ice Buckets, Wastebaskets etc.
GSA #GS07F9970H
Marietta (website)
In-room Amenities, Shampoo, Soap ect...
GSA #GS07F9970H
Oneida Foodservice (website)
Flatware, Holloware, Chinaware & Glassware
GSA - Pending
Scotsman Ice Systems (website)
Ice Machines & Dispensing Equipment
GSA #GS07F9378G
Snap Drape (website)
Tableskirting, Backdrops, Tablecovers & Conference Cloth
GSA #GS07F9970H
Star Manufacturing/Holman (website)
Concession & Cooking Equipment
GSA #GS07F99704
Sunbeam (website)
In-room Appliances, Coffeemakers, Irons, Hairdryers etc...
GSA #GS07F9970H

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